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Success story
    Schuyler Police Station
    The rendering looks terrific. Thank you for all your hard work and patience.
    Sente Rubel Bosman Lee Architects Ltd.
    Davies Street Project
    All looks great Shirley. This drawing is awesome! Please email me your invoice
    Jordan Mozer and Associates, Ltd.
    Lot 05 Providence Way
    All is fine-no changes to the work. I will let you know if any additional projects come up. Thanks for doing a stellar job.
    TRINETRAM 3D Rendering Studio, UK
    Animation for zeytinburnu project
    Everything is good now. Thank you very much to everyone involved this job, well done.
    Schuyler Police Station
    The rendering looks terrific. Thank you for all your hard work and patience.
    42 Algernon Ave Project
    We are happy with how everything looks and are ready for the final high resolution files.
    The Moshe Safdie Hypermdeia Archive (Canada)
    Arcadia Hall/Keene State Rendering
    Clients are very happy with finished product for this job. The renderings turned out great. Thanks.
    Park Armytage Renderings
    Thank you, The renderings turned out great. Please email us the high resolution renderings. Have a great holiday and enjoy your time off.
    excel HOMES
    Iglesia Cristo Rendering
    We are happy with the final renderings. Thank you very much Shirley – for all your wonderful work!!
    Tsomides Corporate Center
    You are super star! We always love working with you. Thank you for your great help. We will contact you again very soon.
    Pembroke Heritage Manor
    You have done a good job again. Thank you very much!
    Frank sinatra
    This is gorgeous! We look forward to working with you again!
    Eckersley Garden Architecture
    Tribe - Hilton Project
    Fantastic! Again you have done a good job. Thanks.
    Outstanding Home Improvements
    Angola Atrium walkthrough
    Our clients are very happy with the final effect. Thank you for your help in this project. We believe there will be more opportunities for our future cooperation. Good luck!
    Gumleaf Design Builders
architectural rendering architectural visualization
3d rendering architectural rendering
architectural visualizationarchitectural visualization
  • Q1: What services do you majorly provide?

    A1: We mainly provide 3D exterior & interior architectural rendering, 3D floor plans, 3D elevations, 3D animations.

  • Q2: What softwares do you use to produce renderings?

    A2: We use 3DSMAX 2008 to create model, VRAY 1.5 to render and PHOTOSHOP10.0 to add landscaping.

  • Q3: What files should we send to you for quotation?

    A3: Floor plans, elevations, perspective angles are enough for us to give a price for you

  • Q4: What files are needed for you to produce a rendering?

    A4: Plans(floor plan, elevation, ceiling plan in CAD format), perspective angles, material samples and production time are needed for us to produce a rendering

  • Q5: Concerning Ownership and Copyright, we need you to sign a non disclosure agreement as our clients do not want their images being used in third party marketing purposes.

    A5: It's no problem for us to sign a non disclosure agreement for your clients. Usually we will send a contract to our client before the start of the proejct. Meanwhile, we promise that we will never disclose any project files to the third party without the clients' permission.

  • Q6: About the payment, should we pay before the start of the project or after the finish of the project?

    A6: Usually we would like to be paid after the prject is finished and accepted by our clients. However, it depends on the quantity and complexity of the exact project. If it's a large project comparatively, then we will charge some advance payment before the beginning of the project.

  • Q7: With what kind of methods should we pay?

    A7: Western Union and Wiretransfer are all accepted by us. You can choose whatever you like.

  • Q8: Will you charge additional fee if we need some changes?

    A8: If the changes don't involve in the design part, it's our pleasure to polish the renderings for you for free.

  • Q9: How much does it cost if we just need your teams to help with modeling?

    A9: We will charge half price of a rendering to do just modeling.

  • Q10: How do you propose to transmit the file if too large for emails?

    A10: We will use our FTP to transmit large files if necessary.

  • Q11: What's your work time?

    A11: Our marketing department work time is from 9:00 am - 12:00 am, 19:00pm - 23:30pm Beijing time. Our technical department work time is from 9:00 am - 12:00 am, 14:00pm - 18:00pm Beijing time.

  • Q12: If we need the original files(max. and psd. files) after the project is finished. Is it possible for you to provide them to us?

    A12: Sorry that we will not provide the original files(max. and psd. files) for our clients.

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3d rendering,architectural rendering,house rendering,architectural visualization