3D Virtual modeling techniques

Click on the hands of the mobile client, and within 3 seconds, Shenzhen city any location of the three-dimensional real instantly pop up. architectural rendering You can see not only the building blocks of living, even one of the vehicles, characters, shops, merchandise discount promotions all one should be informed. Recently, independent research and development by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology "3D Virtual modeling technology to achieve substantial breakthroughs, Shenzhen Key Laboratory matched officially inaugurated.

360 ° rotation handheld look streetscape

Reporters learned that the main function of the 3D Virtual modeling techniques is to use laser point cloud scanning combined with 360 ° Tour video, the streets are lined with buildings and other real data acquisition, and then visualize the scene to restore modeling obtained in Shenzhen city-level 3D data.

Through this technique, the audience not only from different angles, different distances to enjoy each building on the city roads, the ten billion pixels can also click on the ultra-high-definition panoramic picture, focus to every detail in the building. Say into the phone, such as when the user Shenzhen Stadium, various venues in the gymnasium, sports equipment, will be in the form of a high-definition image, true to show the immediate, but can also rotate 360 ° panoramic look around.

"The technology in the field of remote office, there will be a lot of prospects." Laboratory participation of the project partners to Shenzhen Huawei Technologies Company Media Research Minister Zhang Aidong, "For example, I want a factory project approval through mobile terminals remote only through staff briefings and now only need to click on the icon, you can view 3D Virtual project will be able to grasp all the information in a few seconds, not only to improve the efficiency, and also so that the judge was more precise. "

According to reports, as early as last November, this 3D technology had successfully completed the three-dimensional real modeling of the main streets of the Shenzhen area, and in the on-line network and mobile phone end while running.

Take the lead in the technology research and development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen, deputy director of the Advanced Institute figures, visual computing research center director Chan Po-kuen said that the technology to achieve the near future some new breakthrough "3D digital product is no longer confined to the simple request, while Load more meaning in a three-dimensional image that makes this product not only "see" and "practical".

Chan Po, he said, through 3D digital modeling of large-scale city market landscape, not only to facilitate the public office, living, in many areas of urban planning, intelligent transportation, social security will also play an important role. For example, he said, the city planners by the current three-dimensional model of the city can be more intuitive and efficient planning and design can even take advantage of the different periods of a series of three-dimensional model of the city to observe the city changes.

In addition, 3D image loading video even in "Pursuit" field to show its mettle. The Chan Po rights told reporters: "For example, in a neighborhood of monitoring probes to see a car, but the middle of a no video. Determine his direction of movement can be extended by the 'three-dimensional model of the city', the next video in the car once appeared, he (the fugitive) was caught.

Skilled use of a variety of architectural rendering techniques

, The material

Materials require a lot of common sense and experience, as well as the texture of the handle.

2, is light

Different angles to play out completely different lighting effect produced by direct light and diffuse reflection of the simulation of natural light, artificial light, lighting needs. General principles should be the main light source and the secondary light source, the effect of rendering the atmosphere light.

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Value of the


  Three architectural rendering of the Silk Road works is the link of the arts foundation in the building performance requirements are relatively high, the reason for this emphasis on the architectural renderings of the Art Foundation, is an excellent building performance work often intuitive to show a newborn buildings, can show give people the most realistic visual effects. Architectural renderings as an architectural expression of an important part of a more accurate grasp of positioning because of their color, light and shadow and carries the essence of the work of the whole building performance. Skilled use of a variety of architectural rendering techniques enable the construction works was magnificent, so that the viewer to achieve the beautiful visual enjoyment, so satisfaction and achievement in this architectural rendering works 3d Rendering Program

Mental Ray is one of the early stage of the two heavyweight renderer

Mental Ray is one of the early stage of the two heavyweight renderer (the other one is the Renderman),architectural rendering the German company Mental Images products. Just launched in the famous 3D animation software Softima-ge3D as its built-in rendering engine. It is by virtue of the Mental Ray efficient speed and quality, Softima-ge3D has been in the Hollywood film production of tungsten as the preferred software.

Addition, a high-quality renderer Renderman, 3d Rendering Program Mental Ray rendering nearly as much, and its operation than the Renderman more simply, the efficiency is very high. Renderman rendering system needs to use the programming technology to render the scene, and Mental Ray usually only need to set parameters in the program, then the "smart" to automatically calculate the need to render the scene, so Mental Ray has an alias " Smart Render.

Mental Ray has been set in MAX7.0 complete and MAX combined, without having to install.

(Personal opinion: Mental Ray, I did not study, so silent; but its speed is still a little bit slow, this is relative we currently use a computer.)

MR Rendering: www.3dmax8.cn/html/xrjc/3DmaxVray/index.html

Brazil (referred to as BR)

Mental Ray gradually disappointed when, in 2001, an unknown small companies SplutterFish on its website on 3DS MAX rendering plug-in Brazil, when in public beta, the renderer is completely free for outside a free rendering plug-in www.3dmax8.cn/html/soft/3dsMAXsoft/index.html, its rendering is very alarming, but the current rendering speed is very slow. Brazil renderer has a powerful ray tracing refraction and reflection, global illumination, defocusing, etc., rendering extremely powerful.

The SplutterFish company launched the Brazil renderer Although little known, its predecessor, the famous Ghost renderer, after many years of development has been very very mature.

Amazing quality in Brazil, but is very slow speed at the expense of Brazil rendered image is a very slow process, the current computer is used to render the animation is still not realistic.

(Personal opinion: Brazil is the renderer that I love and hate, his quality is really silent, while the speed was more silent, if it is used for animation or role, interior design, etc., or can not accept his speed. But for product rendering is very popular, because the product itself is not a big capacity, the most important product rendering need to be emphasized that the material sense, anti-aliasing, etc.)


3D modeling through a virtual three-dimensional space constructed with three-dimensional data model

3D modeling of the popular 3D authoring software, architectural rendering build a virtual three-dimensional space with three-dimensional data model. 3D modeling can be broadly divided into: NURBS and polygon mesh. NURBS require sophisticated, better application flexibility and complexity of the model is suitable to quantify the production use. Polygon mesh modeling by Ramen way suitable for the renderings and the animation of complex scenes. Integrated to have their own strengths.

3DS max

3D: is short for 3DS max, 3DS Max is the world's most well-known three-dimensional animation software, his near-perfect performance in 3D modeling, animation, rendering, fully meet the readers on the production of high-quality renderings, animations and games the request of the other works.

3D is the abbreviation of three-dimensional, that is, three-dimensional graphics. 3d graphics displayed on the computer

3D (1) of, that is in the plane shows the three-dimensional graphics. Unlike the real world, the real three-dimensional space, there is a real distance space. The computer just looks like the real world, 3d graphics displayed on the computer, that is, people watched as the real thing.

The human eye has a feature that is near the far smaller, it will form a three-dimensional sense. The computer screen is two-dimensional, we have been able to appreciate, as the kind of three-dimensional image, as displayed in the color gray on the computer screen, different human eye to produce the visual illusion, the two-dimensional computer The screen is perceived as three-dimensional images.

3D objects in the edge of the protruding part of the general learn the relevant knowledge based on color, high-brightness color, concave due in part to block the light and visible dark. This understanding is widely used in web pages or other applications on the button, 3d lines drawn. To draw 3d text that is displayed in the original location of high-brightness color outlining its contours, and the low light color in the lower left or upper right positions, so that visually it will generate 3d text effect. Concrete realization can be used exactly the same font in different locations to draw two different colors of 2d text, as long as the two coordinates of the text is appropriate, can produce different effects 3d text visually.3d Rendering Programs Modeling

To construct three-dimensional model

To construct three-dimensional model

Object modeling method, in general, there are three: The first way to use 3D software modeling; second sensor modeling by the equipment; third way to use the images or video modeling.

3D modeling software

  Artificial modeling is currently in the market, you can see a lot of good modeling software, famous 3DMAX

SoftImage, Maya, AutoCAD, etc. Their common feature is the use of some basic geometric elements, such as cubes, spheres, etc., through a series of geometric operations, such as translation, rotation, stretching, and Boolean operations to build complex geometric scene.

Modeling software to construct three-dimensional model including geometric modeling (GEOMETRIC Modeling), behavior modeling (KinematicModeling,), physical modeling (Physical Modeling), modeling (Object Behavior) as well as the model of object properties (Model Segmentation) and segmentation. Among them, the creation of geometric modeling and description, is the focus of the virtual scene modeling.

Equipment modeling

Three-dimensional scanner (3 Dimensional Scanner), also known as three-dimensional digitizer (3 Dimensional with Digitizer). It is currently using one of the important tool for 3D modeling of real objects. It quick and easy real-world three-dimensional color information is converted to digital signal the computer can deal directly with, and provide an effective means of in-kind digital. Compared with the conventional planar scanner, camera,

graphics capture card is very different: First of all, the object being scanned is not a flat pattern, but the three-dimensional physical. Secondly, by scanning, you can get the surface three-dimensional spatial coordinates of each sampling point, color scanning can also get the color of each sampling point. Some scanners can even get the internal structure of data objects. One side of the camera can only take objects, and will lose a lot of depth information. Finally, its output is not a two-dimensional image, but contains a digital model of the surface of each sampling point three-dimensional space coordinates and color documents.

This can be used directly in the CAD or 3D animation. Color scanner can also output the surface color texture map. Early for three-dimensional measurement of the coordinate measuring machine (CMM). It will be a probe mounted on the three degrees of freedom (or more degrees of freedom) servo device to drive the probe to move along the three directions. When the probe contacts the surface, measured in three directions of the mobile, you can know that this three-dimensional coordinates of the surface. Control probes in the surface movement and touch, you can complete the entire surface of the three-dimensional measurement.

The advantage is high accuracy; the drawback is the expensive, 3D Modeling complex object shape control complex, slow, no color information. The people with the radar principle, the development of the media instead of laser or ultrasonic probe depth measurements. Ranging signal to the object surface, based on the signal reflection time or phase change, we can calculate the spatial location of the surface, known as the "flying spot" or "image radar.

3d Rendering Program