3D Virtual modeling techniques

Click on the hands of the mobile client, and within 3 seconds, Shenzhen city any location of the three-dimensional real instantly pop up. architectural rendering You can see not only the building blocks of living, even one of the vehicles, characters, shops, merchandise discount promotions all one should be informed. Recently, independent research and development by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology "3D Virtual modeling technology to achieve substantial breakthroughs, Shenzhen Key Laboratory matched officially inaugurated.

360 ° rotation handheld look streetscape

Reporters learned that the main function of the 3D Virtual modeling techniques is to use laser point cloud scanning combined with 360 ° Tour video, the streets are lined with buildings and other real data acquisition, and then visualize the scene to restore modeling obtained in Shenzhen city-level 3D data.

Through this technique, the audience not only from different angles, different distances to enjoy each building on the city roads, the ten billion pixels can also click on the ultra-high-definition panoramic picture, focus to every detail in the building. Say into the phone, such as when the user Shenzhen Stadium, various venues in the gymnasium, sports equipment, will be in the form of a high-definition image, true to show the immediate, but can also rotate 360 ° panoramic look around.

"The technology in the field of remote office, there will be a lot of prospects." Laboratory participation of the project partners to Shenzhen Huawei Technologies Company Media Research Minister Zhang Aidong, "For example, I want a factory project approval through mobile terminals remote only through staff briefings and now only need to click on the icon, you can view 3D Virtual project will be able to grasp all the information in a few seconds, not only to improve the efficiency, and also so that the judge was more precise. "

According to reports, as early as last November, this 3D technology had successfully completed the three-dimensional real modeling of the main streets of the Shenzhen area, and in the on-line network and mobile phone end while running.

Take the lead in the technology research and development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen, deputy director of the Advanced Institute figures, visual computing research center director Chan Po-kuen said that the technology to achieve the near future some new breakthrough "3D digital product is no longer confined to the simple request, while Load more meaning in a three-dimensional image that makes this product not only "see" and "practical".

Chan Po, he said, through 3D digital modeling of large-scale city market landscape, not only to facilitate the public office, living, in many areas of urban planning, intelligent transportation, social security will also play an important role. For example, he said, the city planners by the current three-dimensional model of the city can be more intuitive and efficient planning and design can even take advantage of the different periods of a series of three-dimensional model of the city to observe the city changes.

In addition, 3D image loading video even in "Pursuit" field to show its mettle. The Chan Po rights told reporters: "For example, in a neighborhood of monitoring probes to see a car, but the middle of a no video. Determine his direction of movement can be extended by the 'three-dimensional model of the city', the next video in the car once appeared, he (the fugitive) was caught.