Skilled use of a variety of architectural rendering techniques

, The material

Materials require a lot of common sense and experience, as well as the texture of the handle.

2, is light

Different angles to play out completely different lighting effect produced by direct light and diffuse reflection of the simulation of natural light, artificial light, lighting needs. General principles should be the main light source and the secondary light source, the effect of rendering the atmosphere light.

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Value of the


  Three architectural rendering of the Silk Road works is the link of the arts foundation in the building performance requirements are relatively high, the reason for this emphasis on the architectural renderings of the Art Foundation, is an excellent building performance work often intuitive to show a newborn buildings, can show give people the most realistic visual effects. Architectural renderings as an architectural expression of an important part of a more accurate grasp of positioning because of their color, light and shadow and carries the essence of the work of the whole building performance. Skilled use of a variety of architectural rendering techniques enable the construction works was magnificent, so that the viewer to achieve the beautiful visual enjoyment, so satisfaction and achievement in this architectural rendering works 3d Rendering Program