Mental Ray is one of the early stage of the two heavyweight renderer

Mental Ray is one of the early stage of the two heavyweight renderer (the other one is the Renderman),architectural rendering the German company Mental Images products. Just launched in the famous 3D animation software Softima-ge3D as its built-in rendering engine. It is by virtue of the Mental Ray efficient speed and quality, Softima-ge3D has been in the Hollywood film production of tungsten as the preferred software.

Addition, a high-quality renderer Renderman, 3d Rendering Program Mental Ray rendering nearly as much, and its operation than the Renderman more simply, the efficiency is very high. Renderman rendering system needs to use the programming technology to render the scene, and Mental Ray usually only need to set parameters in the program, then the "smart" to automatically calculate the need to render the scene, so Mental Ray has an alias " Smart Render.

Mental Ray has been set in MAX7.0 complete and MAX combined, without having to install.

(Personal opinion: Mental Ray, I did not study, so silent; but its speed is still a little bit slow, this is relative we currently use a computer.)

MR Rendering:

Brazil (referred to as BR)

Mental Ray gradually disappointed when, in 2001, an unknown small companies SplutterFish on its website on 3DS MAX rendering plug-in Brazil, when in public beta, the renderer is completely free for outside a free rendering plug-in, its rendering is very alarming, but the current rendering speed is very slow. Brazil renderer has a powerful ray tracing refraction and reflection, global illumination, defocusing, etc., rendering extremely powerful.

The SplutterFish company launched the Brazil renderer Although little known, its predecessor, the famous Ghost renderer, after many years of development has been very very mature.

Amazing quality in Brazil, but is very slow speed at the expense of Brazil rendered image is a very slow process, the current computer is used to render the animation is still not realistic.

(Personal opinion: Brazil is the renderer that I love and hate, his quality is really silent, while the speed was more silent, if it is used for animation or role, interior design, etc., or can not accept his speed. But for product rendering is very popular, because the product itself is not a big capacity, the most important product rendering need to be emphasized that the material sense, anti-aliasing, etc.)