To construct three-dimensional model

To construct three-dimensional model

Object modeling method, in general, there are three: The first way to use 3D software modeling; second sensor modeling by the equipment; third way to use the images or video modeling.

3D modeling software

  Artificial modeling is currently in the market, you can see a lot of good modeling software, famous 3DMAX

SoftImage, Maya, AutoCAD, etc. Their common feature is the use of some basic geometric elements, such as cubes, spheres, etc., through a series of geometric operations, such as translation, rotation, stretching, and Boolean operations to build complex geometric scene.

Modeling software to construct three-dimensional model including geometric modeling (GEOMETRIC Modeling), behavior modeling (KinematicModeling,), physical modeling (Physical Modeling), modeling (Object Behavior) as well as the model of object properties (Model Segmentation) and segmentation. Among them, the creation of geometric modeling and description, is the focus of the virtual scene modeling.

Equipment modeling

Three-dimensional scanner (3 Dimensional Scanner), also known as three-dimensional digitizer (3 Dimensional with Digitizer). It is currently using one of the important tool for 3D modeling of real objects. It quick and easy real-world three-dimensional color information is converted to digital signal the computer can deal directly with, and provide an effective means of in-kind digital. Compared with the conventional planar scanner, camera,

graphics capture card is very different: First of all, the object being scanned is not a flat pattern, but the three-dimensional physical. Secondly, by scanning, you can get the surface three-dimensional spatial coordinates of each sampling point, color scanning can also get the color of each sampling point. Some scanners can even get the internal structure of data objects. One side of the camera can only take objects, and will lose a lot of depth information. Finally, its output is not a two-dimensional image, but contains a digital model of the surface of each sampling point three-dimensional space coordinates and color documents.

This can be used directly in the CAD or 3D animation. Color scanner can also output the surface color texture map. Early for three-dimensional measurement of the coordinate measuring machine (CMM). It will be a probe mounted on the three degrees of freedom (or more degrees of freedom) servo device to drive the probe to move along the three directions. When the probe contacts the surface, measured in three directions of the mobile, you can know that this three-dimensional coordinates of the surface. Control probes in the surface movement and touch, you can complete the entire surface of the three-dimensional measurement.

The advantage is high accuracy; the drawback is the expensive, 3D Modeling complex object shape control complex, slow, no color information. The people with the radar principle, the development of the media instead of laser or ultrasonic probe depth measurements. Ranging signal to the object surface, based on the signal reflection time or phase change, we can calculate the spatial location of the surface, known as the "flying spot" or "image radar.

3d Rendering Program