Three-dimensional model is the object of the three-dimensional polygon

Three-dimensional model is the object of three-dimensional polygon display, usually using a computer or other video device. The objects displayed real-world entity, is fictional,3D Modeling either as small as atoms, can also be a very large size. The physical nature of things can be said three-dimensional model.

Three-dimensional model is often generated using 3D modeling tools such specialized software, but can also be generated by other methods. As data collection points and other information, the three-dimensional model can be manually generated, can also be generated according to certain algorithms. Although usually present in the virtual computer or computer files, but similar to that described in the paper model can also be considered a three-dimensional model. Three-dimensional model is widely used for any use of three-dimensional graphics. In fact, their application is earlier than the three-dimensional graphics on the PC epidemic. Many computer games use pre-rendered 3D model image as a sprite for real-time computer rendering.

Now, the three-dimensional model has been used for a variety of different areas. Used in the medical industry, they produced an accurate model of the organ; film industry for the activities of people, objects and reality film; the video game industry as a resource in the computer and video games; in the field of science as an accurate model of the compound ; construction will be used to demonstrate the proposed buildings or landscape performance; the engineering sector they are used for designing new equipment, transport, structural and other applications; in recent decades, the field of Earth Sciences, began to build a three-dimensional geological model.

Three-dimensional model itself is not visible, based on a simple wire frame at different levels of detail rendering or use different methods to depict light and dark (shaded). However, many three-dimensional model using the texture to cover the texture arranged in three-dimensional model of the process known as texture mapping. The texture is an image, but it can make the model more detailed and look more realistic. For example, a three-dimensional model with the texture of the skin and clothing then look than a simple monochrome models or wireframe model is more realistic.

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